What Is The Difference Between MindChamps Chinese PreSchool & Bilingual MindChamps PreSchools?

In our MindChamps Chinese PreSchools, there will be 2 Chinese teachers assigned to each class for the lower levels in PG and N1. From N2 to K2, each class will be taught by one English and one Chinese teacher – which is similar to the setting for all classes across all levels in our bilingual MindChamps PreSchool centres.

With 2 Chinese teachers guiding the class, younger children would be able to grasp and understand the language better and faster as they are given maximum exposure during their time in school. Chinese will be used as the main language of instruction for all lessons in the lower levels, except for two enrichment programmes: MindChamps Reading & Writing and Creativity & Theatrical Strategies.

From N2 to K2, there will be more lessons taught in English. This is to provide a smooth progression for the children into the Kindergarten curriculum where the emphasis on both languages will be balanced to prepare them for their primary school education.

Children at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool will also be introduced to our core programme - Chinese Cultural Appreciation – where children will be engaged to discover and experience the Chinese culture and heritage with activities such as clay sculpting, Chinese Calligraphy and tea appreciation.


Will my child fall back in English if I send him/her to MindChamps Chinese PreSchool?

Starting your child out with Chinese language at the early ages will definitely be beneficial to him/her. As Singapore is still predominantly an English-speaking country, the exposure to Chinese language is rather limited. By sending your child to a Chinese pre-school, your child will be able to gain more exposure and opportunities to learn mandarin and pick it up faster. Also, in Singapore, it's an academic requirement to study and do well for mother tongue in PSLE.

Start by cultivating your child's love and appreciation for Chinese language and its culture today by enrolling your child in one of our Chinese Pre-schools!


See What Parents Are Saying About Our Chinese PreSchool!

"I was attracted to MindChamps Chinese PreSchool because it gives my son, Kendric, more opportunities to pick up and love learning Mandarin so as to address his dislike for the language.

Within a short period of time after Kendric was enrolled in MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, I observed that he became much more interested in learning. He has developed the ability to recognize and read English words and Chinese characters based on the techniques he learnt in preschool.

Moreover, he started to speak more Mandarin. The positive changes I saw in Kendric gives us confidence that MindChamps Chinese PreSchool will help him prepare well for Primary 1. I am thankful to the teachers at MindChamps PreSchool for their professionalism and attitude. They have gone beyond their duty to foster Kendric's development in their capacity as preschool teachers."


Ms Chin, Mother of Low Jun Chen, Kendric