Voted the No. 1 Choice by Singapore Parents* for 4 Consecutive Years!


MindChamps PreSchool has been awarded the Influential Brands – Top Brand 2016 Winner in the pre-school education category. Identified via 1,000 independent consumer surveys conducted in 2016 by Brand Alliance, a multi-disciplinary brand consultancy, respondents in the Gen Y demographics (23 to 31 years old) voted for their top-of-mind pre-school.

The market research covered Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China. This marks the forth year that MindChamps PreSchool was accorded this prestigious award, since our first win in 2014.


Purpose of Welcome Day


Next stop in your child’s development? Preschool!

Selecting a preschool that is a good fit for your child can be exciting as well as overwhelming. As a parent, you want to be confident that you decide on the preschool, but how do you make the best choice?

Join us at our Welcome Day and learn more about our cutting-edge curriculum and comprehensive programmes (18mths - 6 years old) that contribute to your child’s holistic learning and development, according to his or her individual strengths and abilities!

You're invited to our Welcome Day!

Dates: 26 May - 30 June

The MindChamps PreSchool Welcome Day is not only a time where you can come and visit our school, you will also get a chance to experience a personalised tour where you will get to view the classes and children in action.

Parents are encouraged to ask questions to understand how your child can benefit from our curriculum and explore our state-of-the-art facilities. Take this opportunity to meet our principals, educators and interact with other parents and children!


Branded for Success

What makes MindChamps special is that we are serious about developing champions for the future. So serious, we have made MindChamps PreSchool an outstanding brand and business:


Come Visit & Find Out Why We Are Voted The No.1!



Dates: 25 June - 29 June

Time: Morning or Afternoon Session

Our staff will be in touch with you for a confirmation on your appointment.


Dates:  30 June

Saturday visits are strictly by appointment only.

Welcome Day Special Promotion:


10% savings of school fees for 9 months + $107 worth of Starter Kit
(Total Savings of $1960!)

Consistent Quality Standards

Do you know that our teachers undergo up to 200 hours of compulsory in-house training and accreditation to ensure that your children’s minds are nurtured by only the most qualified teachers?

Being a successful brand means your children will benefit from consistent quality standards expected from each of our 39 MindChamps PreSchools located throughout Singapore.

Each of MindChamps PreSchool offers you quality indoor learning environments that are safe and stimulating, and come with a well-equipped gym for children. Some centres also boast of an additional outdoor learning area and outdoor playground.

Our adherence to quality childcare services at all times ensures that your child at MindChamps PreSchool will be well taken care of.


36 MindChamps PreSchools &
3 MindChamps Chinese PreSchool

Do you know that MindChamps PreSchool is one of Singapore’s largest chain of premium privately-run pre-schools?

Enrolling your child into a successful pre-school business means you and your child can benefit from quality childcare at a location most convenient to you.

With 39 pre-schools located throughout Singapore – be it in the Central, North, North-East, East, South and West, you can chose from our range of MindChamps PreSchools located in shopping malls, business districts and popular housing estates.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Programmes

Do you know that we have a team of early childhood experts from Australia, UK, USA and Singapore to continually develop and evolve our curriculum and pre-school programmes?

Our unique ‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’TMcurriculum brings together Research & Development from the 3 distinct domains of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre, synthesised with Education.

Our ‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’TM curriculum (Sensory, Motor (Music and Movement), Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social) is specifically designed to provide a wide variety of activities that prepare children for the change in teaching styles, relationships, environment and routine when they enter Primary School.


MindChamps PreSchool World Renowned Curriculum Is Now Available In Chinese!

Nurture A Love For Chinese Language in Your Child:

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool was established to meet the needs of parents to provide their children with a solid foundation in the Chinese language. We offer a nurturing and vibrant Chinese speaking and learning environment to help children cultivate a genuine love for the Chinese language, to speak it fluently and experience the Chinese culture and heritage through integrated learning - eg. chinese folk songs, clay sculpting, Chinese calligraphy and tea appreciation.


MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street

  • 6 spacious classrooms
  • Well-equipped gym room for
  • NeuroMooves programme
  • Dedicated room for enrichment lessons and meal times
  • In-house nutritious meals for champs
  • Indoor Playroom

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central

  • Well-equipped gym room for NeuroMooves programme
  • Spacious room to conduct the Chinese Cultural Appreciation Programme

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Thomson

  • Approximately 10,000 sq ft of learning space
  • Spacious room to conduct the Chinese Cultural Appreciation Programme
  • Dedicated room for music appreciation
  • Well-equipped gym room for NeuroMooves programme
  • Specially designed gourmet space

Watch This Video To See Our Highly Passionate & Dedicated Teachers In Action

Experience The MindChamps PreSchool
Difference For Your Child!

MindChamps PreSchool is the only pre-school globally to nurture children with the Champion Mindset as researched by world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder FRS (Centre for the Mind, University of Sydney).

The curriculum nurtures all aspects of your child (18 months – 6 years) and includes world proprietary academic and enrichment programmes.

Free Up Your Time With Our Inclusive &
Comprehensive Full Day Sessions

As partners to parents, we offer a supportive structure to parents and child alike. Come to our Welcome Day to explore how you can minimize your ferrying for extra enrichment classes outside school hours by enrolling your child into our inclusive and comprehensive full day sessions.


Our Full Day sessions include enrichment programmes that allow champs, to learn life skills in the areas of music, theatre, language and physical activity.

Our cutting-edge curriculum and comprehensive programmes that contributes to your champs’ holistic learning and development according to his or her individual strengths and abilities.

  • Music for the Mind™ focuses on language and listening skills
  • NeuroMooves™ boosts physical and neutral growth
  • Creativity & Theatrical Strategies™ is about confidence building, writing and oral communication skills
  • Gourmet Moments™ opens up creative, associative thinking and cognitive development in children.

We not only believe in freeing up the natural flow of learning in our champs; we believe in freeing up parents too such that parents can enjoy more family activities with their champs.

MindChamps Review By Happy Parents!

Adrian & Jacqueline Ruzsicska

Parents of Caitlyn & Natalie

“We chose MindChamps PreSchool because its environment is conducive to learning and because it strikes a balance between the academic and the creative, social side. The teachers are fantastic; very committed to ensuring the children’s needs are being met while working very closely with us to help us understand them better.”

Gillian O’Flynn

Parent of Chloe O’Connell

“I decided to transfer Chloe to MindChamps PreSchool as they offered enrichment programmes such as sports, music and cooking which other preschools do not. Because it’s an all-round programme, Chloe now has no problem in Primary 1. This is MindChamps’ gift to us.”

Rei Wang

Parent of Ong En Xi

“It’s very exciting when you see your kids talk about the things that they feel happy about especially since En Xi has been a very reserved kid. So for her to express herself, it really means a lot. There is this technique called Spelling Secrets which she felt so excited about that she came home to tell me immediately about it. As a parent having come this far with her, it’s very inspiring to see this change.

If you are looking for a place where the school recognises the kids for who they are and trying to bring the best out of them, definitely MindChamps PreSchool is the place to go to.”

Senthil Mohan & Deepa Ramalingam

Parents of Mithra Senthil

“MindChamps PreSchool teachers are really special. They update me on a daily basis on how my daughter is faring in school and what are the things that we can actually help her improve. They also give me lots of tips on keeping her healthy and developing her social skills.

When I talk to other parents, I realise that they send their kids to other enrichment classes during the weekends. MindChamps PreSchool on the other hand, has it all in a package, so during the weekends, I don’t have to send my daughter anywhere else – so we get to enjoy more family time during the weekends.”

Kevin & Louise Donaghey

Parents of Trinity & Zara

“There were some preschool options that we could choose from but upon walking into MindChamps PreSchool, we saw how clean the centre was and how happy all the kids were so we felt that this was the place for our kids.

Both our girls love coming to MindChamps PreSchool every morning so much that they run in, drop their bags, take their temperature and jump right into their routine. In fact on the first day when I came to pick my elder daughter up from school, she cried because she didn’t want to go home – it was a sign of how much fun she was having in school.”

Enter Into The World And Minds Of Champions

We want the best for our children. We want our children to be champions in their lives. When we can create environments that support the development of champion minds, we create winning formulae for our children’s future.


A child with the champion mindset is not simply good at learning.

A champion learner is passionate and self-driven.

As parents, you would have noticed how quickly your child grows and learns day by day. As educators in the business of enabling your children to learn and develop each day, let us become your partners to support you in the preparation of your children for mature life.

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